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Welcome to a place where your ideas lead to something big. Welcome to Bosch!

Become a part of remarkable IT world.

Welcome at Bosch

Let us show you in which fields you can develop here

At Bosch you won't work only in one area. Our main advantage is that you can work across a few fields, combining different skills and developing yourself faster!

Our area of expertise consist of knowledge based engineering: CAD/PLM, Industry 4.0, e-commerce, SAP-based solutions, IT Security, IoT and Web Application. When it comes to software development our stack consist of Java, .Net, ABAP and Fronted technologies, as well as testing frameworks.

Discover where our ideas come from

Check some exemplary roles

  • cooperate with internal clients, help them to define requirements and pick up proper business models and technologies,
  • be responsible for quality of the source code,
  • create requirements for applications,
  • coordinate work of development team,
  • and also code by yourfeld

  • create SAP HANA models to implement it in different projects,
  • create guidelines for developers,
  • cooperate with developers within their projects,
  • consult with business in terms of the platform.

  • manage one tool on your own - take care of its development and maintenance,
  • cooperate with platform coordinator to make sure if your product meets internal requirements,
  • delegate work to development teams.

Here in Bosch we care

That's why you won't ever bother about basics. You can fully focus on your development and wellbeing. What is waiting for you?

  • Clock
    After your first 3 months you get even more! Work-life balance is important for us.
  • Home
    That's why we give you free hand to choose whether you work at the office or at home, and what time you prefer to start your working day.
Wspólnie możemy więcej

Come easily

  • car park, bicycle park
  • showers
  • electric chargers for cars
  • private lockers
  • great access via public transport (WKD Train from city center takes only 15 mins)
Zacznij karierę

Work as you like

  • open space with inspiring working conditions
  • rooms suitable for pair programming and scrum meetings
  • minimum two monitors, SSD disks and adjustable programming tools
Kształtuj z nami przyszłość

Have some fun

  • chillout space with pool table, table football and chess
  • lots of conference and event room

Take care of yourself

  • fully equipped kitchen
  • canteen full of goodies
  • fruits and variety of coffee

Don't wait. Apply today and join the most remarkable place to develop your IT skills.

UX Toolbox

Need tools for prototyping with client? Try this!

Need tools for identifying customer pains and expectations? Try this!

Need tools for prototyping with client? Try this!